Улей Flow классический из араукарии на 7 рамок

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Улей Flow классический из араукарии на 7 рамок

699 $

Since the appearance of Flow on Indiegogo 2 years ago, Flow’s hive with 7 frames has become the most requested and sought-after, which in size corresponds to the 10-frame hive of Langstroth Ruta.

We are happy to rush to present our first 7-frame Flow hive, now available to buyers in Russia

The hives on 10 frames of Langstroth are extremely popular in North America, and many beekeepers prefer to put two additional frames for their bee colony in the nesting corps. We received a large number of applications for the 7th frame building, which is compatible with their hives for 10 frames. Well, the additional Flow frame in the storehouse will allow you to collect even more delicious honey flow!

Our hive Flow classic from Araucaria (Kunningama araucaria) has become a favorite of Australian beekeepers since its inception in 2016. We worked like bees to offer this magnificent hive in a new building for 10 frames of Langstroth for our customers in Russia.

В наличии

Стоимость доставки: 126 $

 The kit includes:

  • Flow Flow Case (Araucaria) for 7 Flow Frames
  • 7 Flow Frames
  • 7 Flow tubes
  • 1 key Flow
  • Mesh pallet
  • Pointed roof
  • Liner
  • Insulator for the queen bee
  • Nest housing (Araucaria) for 10 frames Langstroth
  • 10 standard Langstroth frames with honeycomb guides
  • User’s manual
  • Safety when working with Flow Hive

Bees are not supplied.

Delivered unassembled in flat packaging, simple assembly method.


Flow’s patented technology framework is the most significant achievement in beekeeping since 1852. It allows you to pour the honey directly from your hive directly into the jar. Made in Brisbane, Australia, from durable, high-quality plastic that does not contain bisphenol A and C, Flow conquered the world of beekeeping.

This hive is skillfully crafted from ecologically pure Australian Araucaria wood, also known as the Kunningam araucaria, using precise laser production, with a full set of 7 frames!

Araucaria is used in Australia as a first-class carpentry material and is highly valued for its stability and durability. In order to protect the wood from the actions of the environment, it is necessary to cover it with two layers of high-quality waterproof sealant, for example, paint or varnish for outdoor use. It’s time to show your creativity! ( These photos may inspire you )



Apply one or two layers of wood sealant to shine the wood and ensure its safety for a longer period.
Beekeeping requires not only love in the bees, but also knowledge, skills and dedication, and also carries certain risks. Sooner or later, all beekeepers bite bees . Some people suffer from severe bee sting allergies, so do not forget about the potential risks when you plan to do beekeeping.

(Note: Flow hives are supplied unprotected, unpainted and unassembled)

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